Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills



Communication can take many forms, including vocal and nonverbal communication, writing, visual communication, and listening. It can happen in person, online (on forums, social media, and websites), over the phone (via applications, calls, and video), or through the mail. But how much of our communication truly makes it to the intended audience or person? Effective communication is requiring us to be clear and complete in what we are trying to express our feeling intentionally or unintentionally. To be an effective communicator in our professional and personal lives, we must learn to share information with clarity, empathy, and understanding.


  • Managers
  • Executive
  • First line/middle/senior management
  • Anyone who has the interest in enhance communication skills



  • Empower participants with the understanding of the essential components of effective communication
  • Educate the real time feedback on their language structure, tone and non-verbal nuances.
  • Improve the capability to practice recommended methods for effective communication and make personal enhancements.
  • Express ideas fluently through conversation.
  • Enable participants to use words, tone and posture to match the objective of their communication successfully.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Effective Communication Skills
  • Core Components of Communication
  • Effective Verbal Communication
  • Vocal Impact
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Listening skills
  • Probing and Acknowledgment
  • Assertive and Emotional Intelligence


Course Format:

  • Duration : 2 days(14 Hours)
  • Interactive sessions, hands-on training, case studies, role-play, presentation, gamification

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