Conflict Management Strategies



Conflict and Collaboration workshop helps participants develop practical skills and learn key concepts for building more-productive business relationships and creating better working environments. Participants in the workshop learn how to more effectively manage the conflicts and differences that arise as they perform their work, as well as how to create collaborative solutions as they interact with individuals and groups.



  • Managers
  • Executive
  • First line/middle/senior management
  • Anyone who needs to give instruction and communicate with other colleagues in work station


  • Motivate every member of your team even if they don’t share your values.
  • Use positive and corrective feedback to turn problem employees around and maximise productivity
  • Apply the most relevant conflict resolution style to eliminate friction


Course Outline:

  • Understanding Organisational Conflict
  • Conflict Management: An Essential Skill to Nurture
  • Four Ways We Can Respond to Others in Conflict Situations
  • Dealing with Anger In Ourselves for Collaboration
  • Applying Behavioural intelligence in Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolving Skills
  • Intercultural Communication and Emotional Intelligence
  • Collaboration for Success in Conflict Management


Course Format:

  • Duration : 2 days(14 Hours)
  • Interactive sessions, case studies, role-play, presentation, gamification

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