Tamrasys assists organizations and businesses to modernize their products to harness new technologies, enhance functionality, improve user experience (UX), and spruce up user benefits.

Many firms still run on software applications which have dated architectures. Though, this applications strive to keep up with user needs the existing architecture of application is found be incapable to support radical functionality or UX changes. Tamrasys offers services related with product modernization for existing set-up. What is the need to add new functionalities and make improvements in the existing architectures?

New user needs and functionality

User environments have changed – Leading to new user demands: As an example, users now expect their software and applications should be convergent with different platforms, from email, to line of business applications - to follow them on their mobile devices.

New business processes in enterprises in many industries: For example healthcare. This sector has adopted new business processes to comply with new regulations. There is a need to incorporate changes and modernize software, systems and business applications for such businesses to realize the true potential and enjoy perfect and complete product.

Entry into New markets: Companies frequently target new market segments. For example SME sector companies target enterprise customers and single platform companies target customers on different platforms. This kind of business moves and initiatives often need changes to the existing architecture and engineering of the products.

New paradigms

Software as a Service: Gartner predicts one third of existing enterprise applications to move to a hosted model and 40% of new applications to be built using it. We can help you transition to a SaaS model by helping redesign your software to support a multi-tenant hosted model.

Web2.0: The new Web is not just transforming the way web businesses function and operates; it is also influencing how software companies are adopting Web 2.0 concepts to enrich their products.

Better Usability

Better usability drives better adoption, whether the software is on the Web or on the desktop. It is just a matter of imagination of a better user experience for customers; if you can imagine it you can create it using technologies that exist today.