Tamrasys’s new product development service covers the entire spectrum of various activities; beginning from basic idea to reality; from defining the product vision to releasing a finished product and every step in between. From the beginning phase, we get deeply involved. We behave as strategic partner in product development by understanding our client's business, their target customers, their competitors and very important business specific drivers and constraints. It is this knowledge which makes the difference. This understanding leads to design and development and finally building the product which is beyond our client’s expectations and also the users of the system.

We appreciate unrest, flux and uncertainty associated with new products initially. Tamrasys’s capabilities, process orientation, strategic approach and mind-set ensuring smooth ride during such phase and handle uncertainty and complexity. We are guided by two major objectives: achieve predictable quality and ship on a predictable date. Clients enjoy the benefit of co-creation and constant communication. We provide absolute transparency during development process by way of regular updates, rigorous tracking, frequent binary drops and strong feedback system. Our strict Intellectual Property Protection Rights (IPPR) policies ensure controls at all levels; contractual, policy and cultural.

Tamrasys is a perfect partner for start-ups with great ideas and domain expertise. We are a high-end product development partner who manages the three inter-dependent variables of product development - time, resources, and scope. We ensure a successful product release and allow our clients to focus on sales, business development and marketing.