Cyber Security: Protect and Prevent Training Course

Ensure your Employees and Organization are Taking the Right Precautions to Minimize your Cyber Risks

No matter your industry, size or geographic location, every organization faces a growing array of complex cyber security risks. While an organization may invest in technology designed to detect and prevent network breaches, organizations must also address the human side of the cyber security equation.

Many of the most common and destructive cyber risks don’t happen due to hacks or breaches of an organization’s firewall, they occur because your employees unknowingly create risks by falling prey to cyber threats such as phishing attacks and theft of their electronic devices.

To mitigate today’s cyber security threats, organizations must focus on IT security efforts, and broad-based employee training designed to raise awareness and change behaviors. Unless employees are trained about this risk area and the role they play in helping create a cyber-secure and resilient environment, even the best technical defenses are destined to fail.

Deep Expertise. Built in close collaboration with industry leading cyber security experts, and utilizing the Tamrasys Global online training course architecture and design, our course is unmatched in the industry.

Compelling Stories. Our industry-leading, highly engaging scenario-based approach to learning will engage your learners. Carefully crafted story lines and scenarios are brought to life by Hollywood actors and professional script writers. With fresh, relevant content your learners will easily draw parallels between real-life situations they see every day and the lessons they learned in the course.

Make it Yours. With a variety of proven and time-tested customization options available, each course module can be tailored to look and feel like it was created specifically for your organization. You can brand interfaces and pages with your logo, include references to your internal policies and experts and incorporate your own executive introductions.

Our Address Your Most Pressing Risks

Constructed around the needs of both employees and managers, we offer Six CourseĀ  learning modules. Each course includes four distinct modules that teach your employees about some of the most pressing cyber security threats your organization faces. With challenging interactivities and practical tips throughout the course, employees quickly come to appreciate the critical role that they play in cyber security. Additionally, our burst learning options allow you to quickly and easily do refresher or spot training for your employees to reinforce key messages.