Course Title: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

“Learn the proven Kali Linux Penetration Test methodology.”
Training Category:
Information Technology “Learn the proven Kali Linux Penetration Test methodology.”
Target Audience:
IT Administrator, System Engineers, Webmasters, CTOs, CIOs, IT heads and managers who want to know more about Kali Linux penetration test
2 Days
Course Introduction ›
This is a 2-Day Kali Linux Penetration Test training for IT professionals who involve and responsible in cyber security aspects of their organization. Participants will learn to understand the network system vulnerabilities in their organization and apply proven Kali Linux Penetration Testing Methodlogies to mitigate the problems before they turn into disasters.
Course Objectives ›
At the end of this workshop, participant should be able to understand the following:

  • What is Penetration Testing and Kali Linux
  • Pentest Lab Setup in Kali Linux
  • Network Services in Kali Linux
  • Scanning
  • Harvesting
  • Injection
  • Backtrack 5 & Kali Linux

Course Outline ›
Penetration Testing

  • What is Penetration testing
  • What is backtrack 5 & Kali Linux
  • Penetration testing scope
  • Pentester Strategies

Pentest Lab Setup

  • Lab setup in Real Life
  • Backtrack 5 & Kali Linux Installation & Configuration
  • Vulnerable Linux configuration
  • Linux basic usage

Network Services

  • SSH service in Kali Linux
  • Apache service in Kali Linux
  • Mysql service in Kali Linux
  • Dradis service in Kali Linux
  • Networking service in Kali Linux
  • MAC changer in Kali Linux


  • Scripting for automation
  • Port scanner in python
  • Port scanner in ruby
  • Nmap usage
  • Zenmap usage
  • Netcat in Kali Linux


  • Google advance Search
  • Harvesting Emails
  • Whois search
  • Knowing about phishing
  • Advance phishing a.k.a. DNS poisoning
  • SSL man in the middle attacks


  • Installing Custom Setup
  • Impact of low sanitization
  • Cross site scripting reflected
  • Cross site scripting Stored
  • SQL injection
  • Cross site request attacks


  • MSFCLI in metasploit in Kali
  • Msfconsole in Backtrack 5 & Kali Linux
  • Armitage in Backtrack 5 & Kali Linux
  • Social Engineering toolkit