Arrive at a cloud strategy tailored for your technology infrastructure via our consulting and advisory services.

Deployment, Migration and change management

Change the way you work by migrating to the cloud with our certified deployment engineers, terabytes of data migration experience and proven change management modules.

Managed services and Support

Maintain and manage the dynamic expectations your businesses have from IT. Keep your infrastructure up and running with on-site, remote management, automation and training.


The Alibaba Cloud Partner Network is designed to help you with access to a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and dedicated support across the world’s leading public and hybrid cloud platforms. We aspire to provide the support and flexibility you need so that you can better serve your customers, build loyalty and create new revenue opportunities. As a Partner, we offer complete solutions tailored to fit your industry, key workloads, company size, and level of expertise by combining the power of Alibaba Cloud. As we are uniquely positioned to help your company at any stage of your Cloud Adoption Journey and to help you achieve your business objectives. As a leader in managed services for public cloud infrastructures and managed application services, we enable true digital transformation.

Techincal Expertise : Leverage our knowledge, collective skills, and certifications our team has built working with Alibaba Cloud’s applications and tools. Identify diverse security risks, quickly remediate migration problems and enable data migration and data mobility.

Track spend optimization : Our cloud experts give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions with your budget in mind. We show you the configuration errors, excess services, and rogue instances that contribute to higher bills.

Deploy with a trusted partner : We help guide and optimize your Alibaba cloud deployment and migration with a cloud ecosystem design and implementation to ensure your workload migration to the cloud is successful by gathering data and evaluating your current infrastructure.


Getting Started with Azure : Cloud Computing is changing the way the enterprise does business. By delivering agility and efficiency cloud drives innovation at unprecedented speed. Our experts can help you navigate through creation and implementation of a cloud strategy to accelerate your time to value. We will help you assess a hybrid cloud strategy and make the best decision for your business. CTP is a Silver Microsoft Cloud Platform partner with deep expertise in high-performance compute, IoT, dev/test, storage, backup and more.

App Migration at Scale : Once you’ve begun your cloud journey our migration experts will help you kick your project into high gear. Whether you’re looking to close a data center or implement a cloud first strategy our team will help you put a methodology in place to achieve your goals quickly. Our Cloud Adoption Program will show you what you need to fast track your application migration to Azure.

Storage, Backup & Recovery : Azure offers a unique and integrated primary storage, archival and disaster recovery solution that can be an extension of on-premises storage. This solution is particularly well-suited for use in large file sharing and archival applications where historical files are seldom accessed but need to be readily available. Our experts will help you build an architecture to reduce your costs and deliver superior performance to your users.


Tamrasys enables your enterprise to easily migrate to the most disruptive and transformational Oracle Cloud technology, giving your business the edge in a growing digital market. We extend our expertise to cater to enterprises of any size, providing the most flexible Cloud solutions that serve as a catalyst to accelerate performance, reduce costs, assist scalability, tighter security and deliver better results.

We make journey to Oracle Cloud a hassle-free process that enable you to Innovate, Build, Deploy and Manage workloads on the Cloud.

Our Cloud based services extends to every department of your organization be it marketing, financials, management, customer support, human resources and more, all engineered into making a seamless and structured workflow. As an elite Oracle partner, 4i Apps provides the best-in-class Cloud tools including Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, Oracle Chatbots, Mobile Cloud, etc


Digital Transformation Consulting, Legacy to Fusion Cloud (Oracle SAAS)
Lift & Shift On premise systems to Oracle IAAS, Coexistence with Cloud and License Migration

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a simple yet powerful platform for business process automation. RPA is governed by business logic and well-defined inputs aimed to capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, generating responses and interacting with other digital structures. Enterprises can automate mundane rule-based business processes, enabling workforce to focus on value creating jobs. Whether the scenarios range from generating an automatic email response and answering employee questions to deployment of thousands of bots to automate jobs in an ERP system, RPA can handle automation candidates of all sizes and complexities.

Imagine a bot that never sleeps and makes zero mistakes! Once the bots have been installed, items are done by themselves. With our RPA platform, clients manage repetitive tasks and focus on their core operations. The bots mimic human behavior, work round the clock, avoid work pileups, eliminate manual errors and improve utilization of time bandwidth of operations staff.

Other clients see RPA as a step towards Intelligent Automation via Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that enables prediction and judgment based future outcomes. RPA is compatible with language processing, speech recognition and ML and AI tools to provide seamless transformation towards intelligent automation.

Learn more about how RPA can help you optimize your business processes and stay on top of your competitors


Salesforce consultants, developers, administrators and integration specialist with global knowledge and customer insight into industries in local markets.

We’re here to help every customer get the most out of adapting CRM solutions and throughout the Digital Transformation journey from strategic planning, implementation to transformation, and everything in between. We also build custom solutions on different Cloud Platforms ( AWS, Google, Heroku...).